B.Ed or Bachelor of Education is an undergraduate programme of two years duration. It is structured in a way that not only involves classroom teaching but also practical training and internships. It is an undergraduate professional’s degree which prepares students to work as teachers in school. The B.Ed. Degree is mandatory for teaching at the secondary classes (6th to 10th) and higher secondary (10+2) or classes 11 and 12. The course is considered to be one of the most promising professions in teaching in terms of salary and job security.
B.Ed courses make an individual skilled in the efficient teaching of a subject on the basis of accentual provides. Job satisfaction, job security, high earning etc. The B.Ed. Students from arts stream are trained to leach subjects like – History, Civics, Geography, Languages etc. The students from science streams are trained to teach. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science etc.
The course specifically caters to the students who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching and related fields. It is a skill-based training program which imparts know ledge to students regarding all aspects of classroom teaching. Any student, who wishes to make a career in the field of teaching, has to undergo the process of learning all the necessary aspects of education



  • Compulsory Paper

Paper-I: Philosophical Perspectives of Education

Paper-II: Sociological Perspectives of Education

Paper-III: Psychological Perspectives of Education


  • Optional Paper

Paper-IV (Student has to choose one paper):

  1. Inclusive Education
  2. Valueand Peace Education
  3. Gender,School and Society


  • Practicum/FieldWork
  1. TwoPractical of Educational Psychology
  2. Visitto a special school and identify the problems of differently abled 
  • ProfessionalDevelopment

1.Personality Development (Classroom seminars/workshops and other activities)

 2.Language Proficiency in English (Language Lab, interaction sessions) 

3.Music/Drama/Craft/Yoga and other related activities.



  • Compulsory Paper

Paper-I: Pedagogy of School Subject-I 

Paper-II: Pedagogy of School Subject-II

Paper-III: Technological Perspectives of Education


  • Optional Paper

(Student has to choose any one):

  1. Environmental Education
  2. Human Right Education
  3. Education for Happiness
  4. Practicum/ Field Work

                  Four weeks Practice Teaching

  1. Professional Development
  2. Personality Development (though TLM)
  3. Care for Environment
  4. Music/Drama/Craft/Yoga and other related activities.



  • Compulsory Paper

Paper-I: School Management and Leadership 

Paper-II: Educational Guidance and Counselling

  1. Internship/Field Work- 16 Weeks
  2. MorningAssembly
  3. Attendance Register
  4. TeachersDairy
  5. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (Construction and administration ofAchievement Test)
  6. Reflection and Consolidation of Internship (Report writing)
  7. ActionResearch and Report Writing
  8. Celebration of Special Days and writing report with their messages
  9. Any other duties assigned by the Principal
  10. FieldWork

       Visit to an Institution keeping view of Inclusive Education and prepare report

  1. ProfessionalDevelopment

       Music/Drama/Craft/Yoga and other related activities

                                 Final teaching (each pedagogy) Internship Viva- Voce


  1. Compulsory Paper

Paper-I: Development of Education System in India

Paper-II: Current Problems Education in India 

Paper-III: Process of Curriculum Development


  1. Optional Paper

Student has to choose any one:

  1. Educational measurement and Evaluation
  2. Health and Yoga Education
  3. Teacher Education
  4. FieldWork

Community Work, Visit to a slum and identified the Problems in the light of RTE.

  1. ProfessionalDevelopment
  2. Life skill and Personality Development
  3. Music/Drama/Craft/Yoga and other related activities

Comprehensive Viva Voce

(Based on Complete B.Ed. Course)

Eligibility Criteria

At least 50% marks in Bachelor’s Degree and/or in the master’s Degree in Sciences/ Humanities/ Social Science *SC/ST category must have obtained at least 45% marks in above or other equivalent examination


2 Year (4 semester)